"I wanted more for my family."

My humble story...

I was born and raised in Al-ain, U.A.E. and in my years I have learned that working in a job alone was not enough to provide for my family. I wanted something more, so I started looking for ways to not only make a difference in being able to spend quality time with my family, but provide for them in ways that I could not, just by working in an hourly position.

I was of the mind-set that if I wanted more money then I would have to find a better paying job. So the rat-race began and after changing jobs several times, I found myself right back where I started. Stressed, unghappy, and not getting ahead financially, it was starting to take a toll.

If my story matches your story so far, I would encourage you to keep reading. I promise this will not take long!

"Here is what I discovered"

My elder brother knowing I was seeking a better way changed my life...

He introduced me to a business concept that not only made sence, but actually worked! It was at this moment, I knew I had found the answer that would make all my dreams come true.

I attended a seminar and was introduced to a man that would forever change my life, Mr. Fatemi Ghani. After the seminar, I worked dilegently and implemented the professional training that I received from his Team Falcon, and began to build the business that has given me more opportunity than any job that I ever had.

Today I have a wonderful team that I work with and share my busines knowledge every day.